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  • What is in the science section now that teaches Real Life Skills?
    Currently, the Science section of my shop contains student activities and projects. These projects can help students develop vocabulary or complete a project with your content. The activities and projects are ones that I have found to be engaging for students. In these activities, I ask students to be creative, to collaborate, to problem-solve, to communicate, and other valuable skills students will need when entering college, the military, or the workforce. In the future, I am going to be focusing on creating lessons that teach students NGSS skills. Later, I intend to create "skeleton lessons" - my collaborative and engaging strategies using NGSS skills, your content. I need other science teachers to pilot this work! I believe that the best work is created through collaboration, and my pilot group's feedback on my Real Life Skills lessons improved my ability to make a stellar resource. In addition, I make things I would want in my classroom. There may be needs in other classrooms that I am not aware of - my pilot group occasionally helps me direct my focus to high need topics. I plan on assembling my science focus group soon! If you are interested in being a part of the pilot, join The Inverted Educator Faceboook group and send a message to
  • When I buy a resource, what am I downloading?
    The short answer - PDF files. The files you download will either be your own copy of a PDF, or a PDF containing a forced -copy link to a Google product - such as a slide deck.
  • Help! I just opened my download and item details, lesson number and link are blank! What do I do?
    Depending on your browser speed, the text on the PDF may be delayed. Leave it open and give it time to catch up. This could take up to a full 5 seconds, even if you have a good internet connection.
  • Help! My PDF links aren't working! What do I do?
    Links to Google products on the PDFs that you are downloading are hyperlinked, so when you click on them, you should be prompted to make a copy. We test all of our links before posting them, but mistakes are always possible. If you run into issues, please contact and we will get you the correct links.
  • How do bundles work?
    Bundles are offered on lesson segments that fit together, and offer you a significant cost savings compared to buying the lessons separately. All bundles will include 3 full lessons (with all assignments and documents needed), Teacher Agenda Slides and Student Portfolio, and free bonus material, such as extra Mini Lessons, Socratic Seminars, or others.
  • How is the "Meal for Less than $15" different from other bundles?
    The "Meal for Less than $15" was the very first lesson made! What I had originally intended to be a 3-4 day lesson turned into a behemoth 100+ hour project that took focus group teachers nearly 3 weeks to run in their classrooms. In addition, while you can purchase the three lessons separately, they belong together. Lesson 1 is pre-work for Lesson 2. Lesson 2 is the "creating" stage, and Lesson 3 is the reflection. Future bundles were built with three lessons that are cohesive and belong together, but can be run separately; that way, you can run all three together, run one at a time, or save lesson(s) for use later. "Meal for Less than $15" is the only bundle that has lessons that need to be run together.
  • How do I teach new lesson segment bundles, like "The Basics of Banking and Credit"?
    New lesson bundles have been created to give you the most flexibility. You can teach all 3 lessons together, or teach each one separately as they all function independently. You can use the student portfolio to collect student work, or post each mini lesson for students separately for the lesson. You can run a single mini lesson or assignment from the lesson and save the rest for a different time. Purchasing the full bundle saves you money, and you can use all of those independent resources any way you choose to.
  • What is the difference between a Lesson, a Mini Lesson, and a Mini Activity?
    A Lesson is designed to last roughly a week, and contains multiple Mini Lessons related to the subject of the lesson, as well as quick writes, reflections and collaborative work built in to keep students engaged and interacting with the teacher. Mini Lessons are designed for shorter time spans, usually just one day. Most Mini Lessons can be run as a plug and play - post it to your Google Classroom, Schoology, etc. and let the students take it from there. These are great to have for sub days, as there is little to no instruction required for students to complete them. *If your students struggle like mine do, the "Real Life Math" Mini Lessons may be an exception to this - they may take longer and need more instruction and teacher assistance to work through. Mini Activities are short - designed to fit within one class period, or a portion of it. Many of these are positive classroom culture-building activities, some of which can be run multiple times throughout the year. There are also many public speaking and reflective writing activities within the Mini Activity selections.
  • Can I run Real Life Skills Lessons in my core subject class?
    YES! At Inverted Educator, we strive to use your content as a vehicle for the skills we need to teach students - they learn Real Life Skills, like critical thinking, collaboration, note-taking, self-reflection, communication, and math that every student needs, regardless of whether they are college bound. If you see the Real Life Math symbol, that means that the lesson would work great in a math class! There will be Real Life Science Lessons, as well as other subjects coming soon!
  • I want to be a part of the next Pilot Focus Group! Where can I sign up, and what is entailed?
    I pilot all of my larger lesson bundles with focus groups that I source from The Inverted Educator Facebook page. Follow me on social media to stay updated on piloting opportunities. When you are chosen to participate in a pilot group, you will receive all new material for free and have the opportunity to provide feedback on the beta version. Once it is ready to sell, you will receive the downloaded PDFs for free. In exchange, you are asked to stay in regular communication during the pilot, review the material, run it with your students, give timely feedback, engage with my social media, and collect reviews (from you and the students) and student work (for those who are willing to share). There will be times where I am looking for specific grades and/or subjects, so keep an eye out if you want to work on subject-specific lessons. Once I can get a few more Real Life Skills Lessons up, I am switching gears to science for a while and will need to get some stellar science teachers to jump on that pilot group!
  • I think these lessons would be really good my school program! Can I share them?
    All of my work is copywritten, so you cannot share these lessons and activities on the internet for the masses. However, you are free to post them for your students, and I encourage you to share them with teachers at your school that you think could benefit! I believe these lessons are beneficial to all students, so if your course has a site team or a department head, I suggest showing them these materials to see if the school can purchase them. I just ask that if you found these lessons and activities useful enough to share with coworkers, that you post student work on Instagram @TheInvertedEducator and spread the word that I have some quality lesson plans and activities to other teachers.
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